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Our Beginnings

Thank you for your interest in Evol Nutrition and the Red Dawn product line. We've been around since 2000, and we have established ourselves as a worldwide entity of fun, entertainment, and loyal fans. For those of you who don’t know about the Red Dawn history, we started by selling energy pills and fat burners out of our cars.

We soon realized that people who work hard also play hard. After coming out with the original Red Dawn capsule in March 2001, our phones were ringing off the hook. People were partying all night (dawning) and telling their friends about this "Red Dawn pill thing".

We had one complaint: Red Dawn products worked TOO well. Everybody was loving our pills and partying all night, but ALL NIGHT was too much for some, so we came out with Zan-X and GH Release to help with relaxation and sleep. We did not stop there of course. Red Dawn continued to conquer and dominate the realms of Mood, Stress and Energy.

The rest is history in the making. Today, Evol Nutrition currently sells numerous Red Dawn products that keep customers alert and stress-free at the office, gym, and at home. The Red Dawn product line has a customer base of loyal fans from all walks of life including yours.

If you are a fan of our products then you are like us. You have kids. You have a career. You have a life, but you have NO STRESS.

Carried Nationwide

Evol Nutrition takes great pride and passion in the products we make and distribute. Just in Atlanta alone, Red Dawn products are carried in more than 500 gas stations. Our products are carried in stores nationwide. Red Dawn products aren't being sold out of cars anymore. They are being sold out of our 9,000+ sq. ft. corporate office in Marietta, GA, and our distribution partners throughout the United States. We have grown exponentially, and we now have a Marketing Research, Product Research, Manufacturer Auditing, and Quality Assurance department. We even have a corporate attorney to keep up with the legal side of things.

We more than welcome you to inquire with Dunn & Bradstreet about our company profile and invite you to come visit our office/warehouse to give you satisfaction and peace of mind about carrying RxD® products. Now is the time to CAPITALIZE on the Economic Revolution of profit that Evol products will bring you.

Browse our products, buy some, and feel Peace, Love and Evol! We may have it backwards, but we keep it all together.


Jeremy Nickels
Evol Nutrition President, CEO, and Founder