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Savage Race Georgia Spring 2018

March 31, 2018

We had Sleepwalker/Red Dawn tents set up at one of the obstacle courses. There were fun games, some giveaway prizes and of course our excellent products for sale.

Saturday, March 31st, 2018 was a day that will live in infamy in the minds of residents of Paulding County, Georgia and the surrounding regions. It was a day of unparalleled suffering, an event of cataclysmic mistreatment and borderline torture. Men, women, and children quaked in their boots as the shrieks of agony, wailing and gnashing of teeth could be heard echoing in the distance. Muscles ripping, bones snapping and cardiovascular systems stretching beyond comprehension to nourish the flesh sacks forced to endure the rigors set before them.

Don’t worry; the suffering was voluntary and even legal, at least once the participants signed a waiver.

It was another Savage Race, a rugged obstacle course of brutally hellish wackiness. It’s part Takeshi’s Castle, part Special Ops training, part Spartacus and just a touch of Double Dare . . . basically, a fitness junkie’s wildest dream made reality.

We were there. And not just cheering on the sidelines, either. We competed. Why? Because we’re Red Dawn and that’s what the hell we do. That and waterboarding is illegal for civilians.

We paddled through the lake of ice water, waded through the Chattahoochee, climbed over walls, crawled under barbed wire, trudged through the putrid, marshy mud, hoisted a 50lb wooden beam over our shoulders like Roman criminals, and finally sprinted, hobbled or crawled across the finish line, victorious and no worse for the wear. This in itself was a victory, since we were all worried Zach would break his ankle again this year. Congrats on staying in one piece this time, Zach.

How did we pull it off? Well, Jeremy did it through rigorous training, unflappable resolve and a generous dose of our famous Sleepwalker. He’s a beast. For the rest of us, it was more just a dash of Sleepwalker, combined with a level of disregard for our own limitations that bordered on delusional. He sprinted, we hobbled and crawled.
But that’s not important. What is important is that we did it and we’re going to do it again at the next Savage Race. And when that day comes, you should join us. Come test your own limitations. Experience the pain and anguish of the struggle, the exhilaration of the blood, sweat and muddy tears, and the pure ecstasy of the triumph. Feel ALIVE. At Red Dawn, it’s just what we do. You can, too.

Keep following our blog and social media feeds to stay updated on when the madness is happening next. We can’t wait to have you out there with us.

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March 31, 2018


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