Four New Products to Blow Your Mind in 2019

Energize Someone

Mark our words: 2019 will be Red Dawn’s breakout year.

Since we began out of that single mall kiosk back in 2001, we have consistently had one goal in mind for our customers. That is to create products that will bring the absolute best out of their lives, moment to moment and day by day. We’ve had our ups and downs, our trials and tribulations, both personal and professional. We’ve had setbacks that in any other scenario, would spell all-out defeat. But we never lost sight of who we were and the better version of ourselves we would become. Thanks in no small part to this unwavering tenacity, we’ve not only sustained our operation, we have continually pushed ourselves beyond even our own expectations.

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So what’s in store for 2019? We’re glad you asked.

So far, our growth has been organic. It’s been a grassroots effort where every satisfied customer has become our greatest mouthpiece. We navigated on the cusp of progress, through internet chatrooms, forums and social media threads, along with a network of cutting-edge retailers who were unafraid of pushing the boundaries of possibility. We are eternally grateful for these avenues. It’s been their very existence that has enabled us to come into our own, from a homespun labor of love with labels printed at Kinkos to a national operation that hits every level of commerce. Dozens of distributors. Thousands of retailers. Hundreds of thousands of consumers benefiting daily from our creations.

But we’ve only just begun. The victories behind us are but a prologue to the race we’re about to begin. We’re stepping up in a big way, from minor to major league, to take the sub-cultural phenomenon we’ve created and make it a household name. We’re doing this, not by abandoning the vision that got us here, but by rededicating ourselves to those principles at its core.

To put it simply, the world is accelerating and you deserve the tools to stay ahead of the curve. That is the reason we exist and the impetus for all of our growth.

2019 will see a barrage of amazing new releases from your friends at Red Dawn. As of now, we have so many new ideas coming through the pipeline, it’s hard for some of us to even keep track. But amidst the controlled chaos of creation, we have solidified four that are near enough completion to tell you about. Get excited. Awesomeness is eminent.



Now, for the important stuff . . .


Red Dawn Shot and Pill.

We’re kicking off with an homage to the concoction that started it all. It’s the Original Red Dawn Liquid, but with the formula honed to further push your possibilities, offered in an easy-to-swallow format with no ambiguity in dosage. Go straight for the gold with the capsule, or take a moment to enjoy the sumptuous sweetness of the mixed berry-flavored shot. Either way, expect that familiar punch that leaves your limitations face-down in the dirt, but all-the-more pronounced. Think bigger. Faster. Longer. Clearer. See red, but with a smile.


The Extra Mile.

This is the one that a lot of us are the most excited about, because it’s a complete departure from anything we’ve done thus far. For The Extra Mile, we threw out the playbook entirely and dipped into the latest science available to assemble an all-new arsenal of cutting-edge supplements, carefully curated to maximize focus, energy and endurance. The result is a product true to its name, an elixir sure to energize and sustain you far beyond the limit of any measure you ever thought relevant.


Game On.

Game On is a fresh take on our original Sleepwalker formula, tweaked with the gamer in mind, as the name suggests. With a few small adjustments to our now-classic concoction, we were able to configure an offering that would meet the intensely specific demands of these mental athletes of the digital age; the ability to maintain razor focus for hours at a time, combined with the zen-like calm needed to sit in one place. Upgrade your inner-circuit board with Game On, powered by Sleepwalker.



Brainstorm is your favorite song in a bottle—and the volume is cranked to 11.

Explore and enhance life’s deeper pleasures and electrify your senses, whether you’re on the town, under the stars, or spending the night in. Brainstorm packs the sultry sensation of ecstatic energy you need to not just enjoy life, but to embrace it. it’s kinetic, it’s responsive; it’s Brainstorm, and it’s your VIP ticket to a new level of awesome.

When life gets you caught in a whirlwind, conquer it with a brainstorm.


Don’t think of any of these as an attempt to reinvent the wheel. For hundreds of thousands of people, the products we already offer still work and will continue to work. But no two humans are exactly alike, and to truly meet the needs of the masses, we need to expand our arsenal.

Tell a friend. The new standards for energy and focus supplements are coming – and they’re brought to you by Red Dawn.