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Our products will reignite your inner-spark, re-enliven your inner-genius, and let your brilliance flow.

Cutting Edge Supplements For The High-Octane Lifestyle

Our products are available in thousands of stores nationwide; convenience stores, smoke shops, specialty stores, nutrition shops, and everything in-between. Over 100,000 consumers benefit from our products daily.

Whether you are middle-aged, an athlete, an on-the-go business owner, a father, or all of the above, you, too, can benefit from our life-changing products.

Red Dawn Liquid

Our performance pushing, serenity-inducing serum that started it all!


Unleash your inner-genius with Evol Nutrition’s number-one selling product.

Come Meet Red Dawn

We're active in our local community, we practice what we preach, and we love our customers. If you haven't tried our products, come see us at one of our events where you can sample some of our products and take home some cool swag.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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9 hours ago

Samantha Bryant

So I'm a top fan, what do I win! I could sponsor y'all. I've taken your product every singe day over 3 years ...

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10 hours ago

Ryan Parris

#hype marathon across the street from my house is now stocking sleepwalkers!! ...

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1 day ago

Red Dawn Energy

The questions that keep us up at night. #deepthoughts ...

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The questions that keep us up at night.
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The jealous gf meme never gets old.
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