Why Red Dawn Was Created

Red Dawn’s product line was developed with a simple fact in mind, one that modern science is only beginning to confirm, but Eastern medicine has been proclaiming all along: mind and body are connected. Before we showed up, the supplement market was fixated solely on the body. It was fat burners, muscle builders and more fat burners; only half the equation. The body is important, but without the mind, you're just a sack of flesh, no matter how chiseled your abs.

It’s this gaping hole in the market that has allowed us to thrive and grow from a single mall kiosk opened in 2000 to the national multi-warehouse operation we are today.

But the story of Red Dawn didn’t begin in a suburban shopping mall.

It began with me.

I was born with a rare congenital disorder that doctors were convinced would dictate the outcome of my entire life. In a sense, they were right, though not in the way they expected.

Throughout my childhood, I was told what I couldn’t do. I’d never be normal, they told me, I’d never have the mental capacity of my peers, I’d never compete in sports, I’d never have a family, I’d probably never live to see adulthood. I didn’t like being told what I wouldn’t do.

At a very young age, I decided that my destiny was mine and mine alone. No one was going to dictate my limitations, no matter the letters behind their name or how pristine their lab coat. I began pushing myself, both physically and mentally, daily stretching the boundaries of my limitations and reaching beyond. It was exhausting but exhilarating.

In the process, I became obsessed with nutrition and the effect it had on the mind and body. Years before the nootropic craze was even a thought, I began developing my own regimen of supplements that would provide me the energy and mental clarity to get me through each day a little more successful than the day before.

The Products

By the time Red Dawn began in earnest, product development was as simple as packing a capsule. There was no significant R&D process to undertake because I had already been tackling that aspect for ten years prior. It was off to the races, as I had been personally since as early as I could remember.

It wasn’t just energy that interested me; it was synergy. The ingredients I used may have shown up in hundreds of health products before, but I was using them in a new way, combining them to enhance and empower one another to the point where the sum became greater than the whole. I wanted a big picture solution, products that would bring a competitive edge to the mind AND body. I got what I wanted, knowing it would work, because it worked for me.

Today, Red Dawn products are available in thousands of stores nationwide; convenience stores, smoke shops, specialty stores, nutrition shops, et al, with hundreds of thousands of consumers daily benefiting from my creations as I had before them. As far as my personal story, I proved the doctors wrong. Now approaching middle age, I am a proud athlete, business owner and father, and still pushing forward, competing in strength competitions and endurance races on the regular.

The world is full of distractions, chocked to the brim with people saying "can't." At Red Dawn, we believe you can, and our products may just push you believe it too. But while we have supplements designed to bring out your best, whether at work, the gym, or on the town, we don’t have a magic pill for you.

The magic is within. We’re just here to help you find it.

Jeremy Nickels

Founder and CEO